Mid Ekja skaerith Swerd Alle Unwar..

By a Sword's Edge are All Falsehoods shorn..

On this web page called "EKJA" [='Edge'] the Kin of
AErnfolk/Eagles Reaches shall add their ideas and personal, critical thoughts.
This site shall be an adjunct to the AEF/ER Main Site, and much more
information on certain subjects may be placed here....


by Ymir Thunarsson, AEF/ER

There is a question, a valid one, that has been posed to the leadership of Eagles Reaches:

"Why Follow the Folkish Ways of AEF/ER instead of the previously established path known as 'Asatru'??"

The general answer is that the folk-religion [folketru] as practiced by Eagles Reaches is a natural evolution stemming from what is commonly called 'Asatru'. However such a reply does not fully answer all of the nuances implied in such a question.

That one does not understand the reasoning for Eagles Reaches distancing itself from the "..movement that gave it birth.." is not unusual. To understand why, we must first return to the roots of Eagles Reaches itself.

Before there was officially an 'Eagles Reaches' there was the 'Sons of Thunder' begun by myself in 1968 as a teenager. I have been teaching individuals about the Heathen path ever since. This order existed before the Asatru Free Assembly, Asatru Alliance, and the Ring of Troth. It even predated the Asatruarmennafjelagidh of Iceland in 1973. In other words, Eagles Reaches was the natural successor to the Sons of Thunder and as such occurs earlier than much of the modern Asatru Movement.

There were a few unorganized bands of evolving 'Odinists' but few, if any, were started prior to 1970. This is important for those of you who consider yourselves Odinists or Asatruarar to remember since it is part of your heritage as well as mine. In summation, the "modern" Asatru Movement did not give birth to Eagles Reaches. A minor case could even be made that it was the other way around. However, I do not personally believe that Eagles Reaches is the 'parent' of Asatru but instead an advanced form of that Folkish faith come into its own, and made all the stronger by its certainty of purpose!

One of the main purposes for keeping the term 'Asatru' at arms length is the same reason that AEF/ER's former incarnation distanced itself from 'Odinism'. Odinism, as it was perceived by hostile, politicized and opportunistic 'academicians', had been tarred as being synonomous with neo-Nazi fronts. Also, the lack of sincere spiritual and customary ritual formats, at least to me, dimmed the respect and honor that should be given to all our Gods, Goddesses and Sacreds!

In the main, Asatru made a separation from this and yet, after a time, Asatru descended into political infighting and egomania! Any form of lasting unity became a near impossibility despite the noblest efforts by true and good folkish kin. Also, even though I have a 'thick skin', constant attacks began to wear me down.....Paal-Eirik Filssunu, Hulda, and myself grew tired of fending off these attacks by the so-called 'Pagan/Heathen' community over and above those leveled by Christian 'zealots'!

As with a march of Lemmings, Asatruarar organizations and spokespeople made the assertion that Eagles Reaches was on the lunatic fringe.. We therefore decided to make a clean and definite break, and this was done only after two years thoughtful consideration! Until that time we were still inclined to call ourselves Asatruarar.

Much has been ballyhooed concerning our claim of being 'Monocultural'.

Many have taken the stand that this defines AEF/ER as either a 'political' or a 'racist' organization. We DO accent the racial or ethnic view, not out of 'superiority' but as an identifying mark that separates us from the masses. Are we 'better people' genetically because we are North American Folk of AEF/ER?? Of course not! What we are attempting to do is to make people aware of their connection to this great land on which we live, and to create a sense of belonging. This is not 'belonging' as in a movement or an organization, but to a Folk- to a Nation- a Nationality- and an unique Heritage..(Unique even to those of Nordic blood). We are also creating a culture that is not 'second class' or simply an 'appendage' of Europe!

Asatru has in many ways become merely a 'religion', or a religious path.

AErnfolk/Eagles Reaches represents a Folk-Nation with a civil administration, our unique folk language [ameryske tunga] our own culture, and a sense of "True" Worth in the variety of our religious devotions and paths- We are a People and much much more!

We are our own Folk, inspired by the High Seat of Hlidskjalf from which soar the Eagles and Ravens and about which stalk the Wolves: We have derived our national sense in Folk and Faith through those Sacreds which our Gods and People have made as One!

"By Working We Become Wise: By Doing We Destroy Doubt!"


Sound of Distant Thunder by Ymir Thunarsson

***Herein, "Ekja" which is Amerykan (amerysk) for "Edge" is indeed an expression for Ymir's thoughts concerning our Folk and the challenges that await us from now unto the New Century (ankomende jaerhundred)***

"Should the subduing talisman, the Cross, break, then will come roaring forth the wild madness of the old champions, the insane berserker rage of which the Northern poets sing...

That talisman is brittle and the day will come when it shall pitifully break!

The old stone gods will rise from the long forgotten ruins and rub the dust of a thousand years from their eyes;

And THOR, leaping to life with his Giant Hammer will crush the Cathedrals!"

-Heinrich Heine


The roaring wind came from nowhere.....Loud in its silence, it came ringing into existence with the reverberation of the Hammer striking doom upon perverse cathedrals that served as icons of the Wolf-Age......

It carried the heat of the forge that fashioned renewed hope and a heroic heart. This 'Hammerwind' came into being in a lost land the Christians (Kristr) named the "Bible Belt". Here, it was thought, that the Folk no longer existed, but as the turning of Wyrd (Fate) now thundered her warning, the Gathering Storm began to emerge from some strange realm between that which is and that which seeks to become..

It blew from a land known as the beautiful "Mother" from which the mighty "Sword of Victory" ["Sygrswerd"] was born! This is where a small band of heroes and magicians gathered and spoke cryptic words echoing with long forgotten prophecies. In a frenzy, the wind spun, swirling out of the void. Seeking a course, it paused and then blew northward. The clouds began to gather , ominous and powerful...Then from out of that void came a battle-cry like a horn resounding!

The mightiest of all thunderclaps was heard----

Arising from an age thought dead, the Old Gods stepped forth and Bright Baldr ceased his feast within Hel's Hall. Baldr shouted and with triumph over Death strode into the light of a "New Dawn" while behind him came a new race of Gods descended from the Children of Heimdal. Above the clamor and mirth flew standards beset with strange and powerful symbols. Rune staves representing three clans were seen, along with a dynamic Solar Wheel. A hammer and a golden eagle seemed to descend from out of the Sun. A banner of red and white of a new Folk, a new Nation, proudly waved against the backdrop of the azure sky..

At last! as hoped for, the One had come to gather in the Many!

....Lo, what a wonderful dream!

Fantasy novels give such a sense of adventure and heroic purpose. Too bad it is only fantasy...or is it?? Alas, dear reader, the above is not 'just a dream'. It is REALITY! At this very moment such an event is taking root in the heart of the "Bible Belt", the Christian 'stronghold' and it has a name-


It has come to this author's attention that the activity and vigor of our North American/ 'Amerykan' Folk-Nationalism [Urhed] is beginning to draw the interest of people and leaders of various Northern religious groups from around the world..Letters and requests for information have already been received from overseas lands such as Denmark, the Netherlands, England, Belgium, Germany and Spain, as well as in our own realm across the United States and Canada. Letters have also been received from as far away as Australia! At the request of various individuals, this author has consented to undertake the task of outlining the events happening amongst our Glad Folk and kindred folk-religionists.

In the continuity of this text, and other texts, our Folk's structure, principles and goals in bringing the Hammer to this Northland, and beyond, shall be presented.

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"I would like You, the reader(s), to consider this: AErnfolk/Eagles Reaches, in the Eddic style of our Folk's Creator- Woden- shall by its own self-sacrifice endure..

If we, as kin and indeed 'kin-to-become' would join our lives and souls [lyf ok aandr] in concert with each other, the dreams we share could be shaped into Reality!

Remember, even as Eagle Reaches has remained intact thus far, our lifelong advocations and works are still in their infancy. There shall have to be much growth and adaptations in the years to come, and we shall possess something truly heroic, folkish, and sacred if in our works we realize Victory, and have the Will and Courage to make it happen!

The concerns and fears you or anyone would have could then be discussed in the arena of folkish wisdom and such discourses on this vital topic. We would meet in accord [gethingens] and make decisions for the betterment of our future. We are strongest as a Folk when standing together. Let us not abandon the essence of national culture or the greatness that could be ours.

Stand with me among our Common Folk, and Motherland. Stand among us and our main Clans (Aandr) which are at the heart of AErnfolk/Eagles Reaches! Be Challenging! Be Strong! Be Heroic! Be Questioning! Be Skeptical if need be...Just stand up as a kinsman or kinswomen within the weave of our People!

So for now, my friends, may we strive ever forward- keeping our oaths to our Folk, Gods, Goddesses, and most importantly to Ourselves!


Wala Haalgjum!/In the Hallows prosper!

Ymir Thunarsson, Eagle Clan/AErnaandr, AEF/ER

'Sound of Distant Thunder' : Poetic

From nowhere and ether, Roaring winds sweep their way, Loudness cast as stillness, Path of the Hammer fares thus; Thunder claps upon dusty spires, Cathedrals vaults are shaken, Spires of mortar and stone, Tokens of the Wolf-Age wither now.

Strong bellows surge Smithy's embers forth, Renewal shapened is born, By heat of the forge, Steel becomes the Heroic Heart; Hammerwinds flowing swiftly, Soaring they fly above a lost land, Lofting Heathen flows course wildly, Christian steads stand raked by the new gale..

Herein believed the Church thus, Its grasp on all secured and bound, Yet Wyrd's force the grip loosens, Rolling Thunder its warning brings! Gathering Storm immeasurable, Rain and Lightning bring all to tremble, That scorn sent of Fury's grimness, Wrath hurled from Heavens unto Earth's submission.

Outside the border of the temples, Heroes and Holy gather in sacred groves, Words of elder tongue resound, Ancient wisdoms dispatch their replies; Gray skies lighten as bolts crackle, From above a cry! Battle's call to Heathendom yells.. The forgotten Gods' shapes rekindled, they step forth once more.. In Hel's Hall of feasting, Bright Baldr wins over Death!

Hammerwind brings new vanes, New vision amongst clamor and mirth's cries, Runes of three noble clans fly, Eagle, Raven and Wolf emerge thus; Wheel of a Bright Sun, Mighty Hammer of Woden's Son, Golden eagle's strength on wing, From the light this host draws near

Stalwart against the blue sky, The new vane boldy flutters, Red and white its hews beckon, Blood and flesh in its weave; Fire and Ice in its heart, Sword God's staves within and without, The One standard bound, The Many unto its make are drawn.

Great sword named 'Eagle's Talon', Steel from the Earth, Great hammer named 'Mjolnir', Fury of heavens ever flung; Metal and embers' glow are blended, The hewn blade is thus shaped, Broken and melded in strength, One shape from soil and fire born!

********* Paal-Eirik Filssunu 10-17-98 With Thanks to Ymir

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