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Ameryske Laarblad

This web page shall announce certain news dealing with the folkore group of Eagles Reaches called 'S-99' [Saga-99]. This endeavor, involving the clans' leadership of Sagard, is to formulate through reviews and consultations among our kin a Folk Edda which bears within the mythical, ideal, and national lore of our North American Folk.

Our people have relied upon, and continue to embrace the Hallows upon which our national ethos are based. The project underway through the S-99 group is to bring together Nordic mythos sources and those native inspirations of our kin into a single, workable and dependable national work of what we deem to be sacred and secular as regards our Folk.

The year 1999 (6999 ge) is the threshhold of an oncoming millennium for those of us who observe and commemorate the advent of 7000 years of our Gothic Race, and that Nordic-European spirit of which our Folk was born. S-99 intends through diligence and inspiration to utilize that which is truly best in the fiber of our people to compile and establish our central source of folklore and wisdoms.

As practical, news updates on written works and coordinated projects shall be included here from time to time as a record of our labor in lore, and we'll be able to share some insights with net-vikings on just what is occuring or is being planned.


The basis of North American Folklore is to provide a written and oral standard of folk-national precepts, beliefs, customs, and that which can only be described as a 'folk-science' . This may be obtained only through a basic groundwork of mythos/sagas which provide the vehicle for our sacred and secular wisdoms and identity. North American Folklore [Folkelaar] stems from pre-existing sources, modified in our native environs, which come from the old Scandinavian, Gothic and Germanic sagas and folktales about Life, Customs, and all other observations. Many of these travel a fine line between straight wisdom and sacred allegory as is the case where religious teachings and rituals preserve concepts for the heritage of a people.

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