As AEF/ER steers through its third year we dwell on the fusion of our Folk and Faith; over the width of our continental Motherland the distances between dear kin and their handshakes, hospitality, and faith may be counted in years, where otherwise such moments we would yearn to have more often.

In our way, by memory, and that discipline within ourselves born of Hallows, we at this time of our most sacred holiday honoring Goddess Walborga [ end of April and into May] offer our oath and bond to the broadsword AErnfang, and grasp the soil of our folkish Earth, proclaiming our kinship across all distance..

On behalf of our Folk, I invoke Eardegjalla, that "Call over the Earth", to reach the shores, plains, mountains, and all climes of our realm, and the hearts and mind of kin everywhere loyal to the Hallows by which our Folk is shaped!

In all travels, and across all days, months, and years, let this call of mine, and ours, resound across the Midgard we hold as Motherland, and through the steel of AErnfang, the strength of Tyr, and the prosperity of kinship within Walborga, hail unto all of the North American Folk!

All Worth and Blessings of the Sword, the Folk, and our Bond!

27.04.99: Paal-Eirik Filssunu, Raven Clan


:Guardians of Our Northern Traditions:

***All-Father WODEN and All-Mother FRIGGA: jaerend/eternal***

Ymir Thunarsson; Founder, Harsagni/High-Sayer of Eagle Clan, AEF/ER

***LOKI and SIGYN: (A Little Deviance is a Good Thing!)***

***EIRIK THORVALDSSON: Father of Greenland, North America, c.985***

***A. RUD MILLS: Anglican Church of Odin, Australia***

***AAGE ALEC CHRISTENSEN: 1904-1971: Danish-born Odinist Pioneer***

***SVEINBJORN BEINTEINSSON: 1915-1993: Icelandic Alsherjargodhi***

ELSE CHRISTENSEN: Folkmother of The Odinist Fellowship

DICK WIKEN: Wordsmith of 'AmeRyk': Milwaukee Sculptor & Philosopher

STEPHEN A. McNALLEN: Asatru Folk Assembly

VALGARD MURRAY: Arizona Kindred & Asatru Alliance

ROBERT & KAREN TAYLOR: Tribe of the Wulfings

MAX HYATT & FAMILY: Wodan's Kindred

THORSTEINN THORARINSSON: Vor Tru/ Asatruarfjelag i Ameriku

ANDRE BREMANS: Nordlandia: Flemish Nordlandic Philosopher

"A wandering of the mind has led me to a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Sword...

AErnfang IS the talon of HAERN! It is the Eternal Sword and a Living Symbol of our Folk.. The Sword is tied to the Motherland by being Her defense- ("Skraikja", the 'Screecher' protecting her nest). It is tied to the skies of the Realm ("Ryk") as being the Eagle's Claw (soaring above). It is a sword that cuts both ways, defending what is true, and destroying doubt and cowardice!

AErnfang was fashioned from raw materials native to our soil. The Sword was forged here and remains as an appendage of this Land.

...Not only should oaths of kinship be pledged on Aernfang, but ALL OATHS should be "By The Sword"!

-Ymir Thunarsson, Harsagni/High Sayer & Wodensgodi AErnaandr/ Eagle Clan, AErnfolk/ Eagles Reaches

EAGLES REACHES is the national agency of the North American Folk Community. The avowed purpose of this agency is to "preserve and promote the folkish culture of the North American Folk Community".

The name "AERNFOLK" (pr. 'airn-folk'), which also means "People of the Eagle", honors of the name of our nation's sacred sword, "AErnfang", or "Eagle's Talon"..

North American kin in their own language [Ameryske Tunga] are known as AMERYKER (pr. 'ah-meh-reek-er') and are a People, or Folk, named after the continental Motherland, "Ame-Ryk", or North America.

Eagles Reaches' essential goals are to:

1. ...maintain our People's distinct Ethnic Character [Urhed]

2. ...preserve our own National Language [Ameryske Tunga]

3. ...observe our People's National Religion [Folketru]

4. ...revere our Motherland of North America [Ameryk]

"AMERYK" & 'AMERYKER'.........

"Ameryk", pronounced as 'Ah-meh-Reek' is related to the Gothic/Nordic word for 'Realm' or 'Land'. 'Ryk' (pr. 'Reek') is a relative of the Old Norse/Icelandic 'Riki' (Ree-kee), the Modern Swedish 'Rik' (Reek), as well the German word 'Reich' ('Rike') and the Dutch form 'Rijk'.

'Ryk', geographically, is that 'expanse' or 'reach' of land on which one's people dwells...Similarly, 'Eagles Reaches' could very well be named 'AErnryk', 'Land of the Eagle', and this is completely in keeping with our folkdom's proud ties to the Sacred Bird-of-Prey which we honor as a source of strength and character!

The fore-name, 'Ame' ('Ah-meh') means in our native tongue two distinct but related concepts...The first is 'ame' as the conjunction 'Over There' or 'Yonder' and we believe that some Nordic seafarers used a Nordic form of 'Omme-Riki' long ago to give a name to the North American coast their ships encountered on travels from Iceland to Greenland, and the Motherland's interior...

'Ame' also relates to the matron's title of 'Grandmother', or 'Amme', and the ancient Land on which we stake our birthrights is truly in our eyes a 'Grandma', or 'Amme', for she has witnessed history long before the Dawn of our Race...

'Ameryk' also translates as a 'Pure Land' and an 'Amber Land' ('Amerland' or 'Amer-ryk'....Amber is precious as it is beautiful, particularly to the elder folkdoms of Old Europe and the Northlands along the Baltic Sea. We like to think of our soil as being as natural and worthy to us any bead of honey-colored Amber.

In heart and mind, we link our Motherland to her stead here across the northern passages from Norway and Iceland as a land beyond the elder soil of Europe and Scandinavia. We also remember her as the Motherland and that Amber-Land whose value is as dear to us as that our Folk's own, and the enduring weave of our Race and Gods..!


North Americans/ Ameryker are a unitary national group of European ancestry and belong to the Nordic/Gothic heritage that originated in Scandinavia many thousands of years ago.

We are descended of the Europeans on this North American continent.

Our folk-religion [Tru] is that profession of faith by which name we also call the "Hallows", or the nine ethos/tenets on which our national philosophy and liturgies (rites) are based.

Our Folk itself in lore and logic professes that we are linked to our primordial Ancestors AESK [Ash] and AELM [Elm]. These are the "First Ones", or "Ur-Koningen", who were created, shaped, and enlivened by the "Asen" [Sky Gods] WODEN, WILI, and WEY.

From WODEN they received Shape and Life, from WILI they received Motion and Sense, and from WEY they received the capacity to ACHIEVE.

WODEN is true Consciousness in that Awareness and Thought eminate from him.

WILI is 'Will', the Animator and mover of our Being.

WEY directs us towards our goals, as a leading element in our quest for the mythical and logical essence of our lives!

The combination of Woden, Wili, and Wey are also thought of as a triadic expression of all that Woden is! Woden's consort is the Goddess Frigga, who with her mate Woden are commonly addressed as 'All-Father' and 'All-Mother'.

The Root of Woden deals with 'Knowing' as our All-Father holds knowledge. The Root of Frigga deals with 'Asking' as our All-Mother seeks knowledge.

Together, our High God and Goddess are the union of Intellect and Instinct, of Knowing and Asking, and the pairing within our Race of Men and Women as the 'pillars' of our Folk.



The physical center of our national rites is born of the steel of our sacred broadsword, AERNFANG [Eagle's Talon], held by the Eagle Clan at our Elder Hof! This sacred weapon officiates at Folk rites, and is the bearer of oaths from our People. Worthy kin are also sworn into the Folk on its blade through the earning of 'Inlaetting', or 'Admission'- a process of learning one's place in the Folk and by the sword.

The groundwork of the folkish faith is called 'TRURLAG' ('truur-lahg') which simply means 'Foundation of Faith', and in other terms familiar to Nordic religionists a sort of 'Kindred'.

In the sight of the Sword, we recall that special aspect of Life which unites us in this realm, and the duty we all have as One People to emulate the scions of Ash and Elm, our racial elders, through the power of 'Lyf' (Life) and 'Lyfthraskja' (Life-Thresher/Survivor)... In similar fashion, we recall the wisdoms and lore handed down to us in poetry and proverbs [geditten je kwede] whose words instill within the ability to preserve our ethos, and our national mythology.

There are Gods and Goddesses (Goden) within us, and all throughout Earthly Nature. By ritual we honor their qualities and maintain a link to the ASEN [Sky Gods] who reign in the heavens, and to the WAANEN who effect the course of Nature upon the Earth and within the Seas..

Our unity and kinship founded in the Trurlag is a co-existing bond of Folk and Faith, each important to the reality of our existence.

In the final analysis: FOLK IS FAITH!

There is no 'separation' of Folk and Faith.....


" Wys wy werden bara erfen: Twaefl wy bannen bara doon!"

"By working we become wise: By doing we destroy doubt!"


Our Folk is built on the basis of the Three Clans, or 'Aandr', which serve as practical and traditional pillars of our Community. These clans adhere to the Folk Law laid down within the meanings of the Hallows, and consult and make social decisions through the framework and development of evolutionary policy.

EAGLE/ AERN: Watchword: 'EIDELKOND' [Noble]

The kingly Eagle, represented in folk poetry by "HAERN" who resides atop the cosmic "Ingdra-suul" is a priestly totem signified in his appearance as EAGLES REACHES' Sacred icon and name-sake! Haern & consort Skraikja nest atop Hlidskjalf in our Clan Totem order.

RAVEN/ HRAFN: Watchword: 'LAARWYS' [Lorewise]

The Raven, associated with Woden as an agent of lore and knowledge-gathering. The lore of the Folk becomes symbolically entrusted to them..and as with actual ravens they spy 'silver' and hoard the valuable kernels of wisdom... Munen & consort Hugin are on either side of Hlidskjalf.

WOLF/ WULF: Watchword: 'EIRFAST' [Loyal]

Wolves [Wulfas/Wulfen] are also beholden to Woden, and in nature and spirit exemplify the Family [Den] and its root structure.

The warriors and archetypes of the BERSERKER, all that is wrathful in our nature, is held by the Wolf Clan; loyalty stands as their watchword! Gyrr & consort Freki are on watch around Hlidskjalf on behalf of Woden & Frigga.

All Clan leaders, part of the collective group of "Sayers" or "Sagard" gather in the opinions of their clan-kin on social issues as well sacred issues and through a process of Concensus [Folksraed] arrive at evolved decisions which bear the approval of the Clans, the associated 'septs' or 'tribes' [Aandsfylgen] and thus the whole of the Folk.

This which we know as "THULA" is the order of the Three Clans. The Eagle, the Raven, and the Wolf are our Sacred Companions!

The acknowledged rank of the Clans by duty places the Eagle Clan as the name-sake of AErnfolk/Eagles Reaches dedicated to the profession of our folk-religion, and the task of being warden to AErnfang and all oaths sworn upon its blade.

The Eagle Clan is recognized as our 'High Clan' [Haraandr], with the balance on either side- as in emulation of the Sacreds at Hlidskjalf, the throne of the High Ones- being held by the Raven and Wolf Clans.

This ranking is an expression of our nordic mythos through the practical work of the 'Sagard', our lore-sayers and law-speakers who maintain the customary and literate foundation of our folkish culture in heart and mind.


The entirety of North American folk ethos lay within the nine tenets collectively known as 'HALLOWS' or 'HAALGJAR'....

These form a numeric 'machine' of three inter-related 'trinities', ['threnningas'] which complement one another along three lines or levels.

The 'Wholistic' nature of the Hallows is seen in their progressions which incorporate the vastness of the 'Cosmos' in mythic and logical scope, and include 'Culture', that bedrock of the Folk-Nationalist spirit! The matter and manner of 'Conduct' and awareness of consequence is also a belief in the lines of the Folk which span from individuality to the collective concerns.



1. Fremme/ Framework: The whole of Existence as recalled by us through the 'Place of Origins' or 'Ginnunga-Gap'--

2. Skaepa/ Shaping: The duality of powers in material creation and destruction- Those elements of Fire and Ice, those elements of Collision and Collusion inherent in the 'Natural Works' [Skaepa]--

3. Oorlaeg/ Fate & Time: The Flow of Time, the Weave of Fate and Destiny.

Time is the Past, Present, and Future, being the great 'Trinity' and the ability of the Cosmos and its forces to effect and actualize motion and change.

Oorlag [Over-Lay] is the omnipresent shifting of Time by way of the Norns [Nornaswester] who are the maidens of the Past [Urd], Present [Werdendi] and Future [Skuld].

INGWAR [Ing-War] is the 'Truth of Ing', and the recognition of Existence and Beingness derived from the Hallows written of here. The great overlay in which our Earth and Life rests is part of this ancient process which we see through the 'ING'..


If 'Ingwar' is the exterior of the Cosmos, 'Urhed' is the lateral connection of the Earthly Folk. 'Urhed' is the cultural bond of our People to its Motherland, and also to those distinct ways and values which are religious nature.

The three tenets in URHED are:

1) Ryk/ Realm, Land: North America

2) Folk/ People, Nation: The North American Folk Community

3) Tru/ Faith: Folk-Religion & AErnfang Trurlag

'Urhed' is the life, work, and value of being North American. In the linkage of ourselves to our soil and souls, we find the core of our Beingness in the nationalism of our folkhood.

Without the Motherland, we would not be North Americans. Without the Motherland, we would have no 'Midgard' or 'Earth'.

Without the Motherland, we would have no North American Folk!!

Given the twists in Time and Fate, we might have become something other than this 'Folk'. We may even have been a different People in a different time and place, but for 'Oordeal' [Destiny] our Folk is here and NOW! In light of this, the Hallows of Culture [Urhedshaalgjar] are the lateral foundation of the People; this direct linear belief balances our Folk between the almost endless realities of Life and its works/sciences, and the institutions of the Folkways that have their place in 'epicentric/central/common' practices! These of course are interrelations of the Sacred (haalgi) and Secular (almennisk).

Many who practice Nordic religious ways are cast as 'Asa-Truarar', 'Odinists', or as "Heathen" or Norse "Heidnar".

We North Americans/Ameryker by virtue of ties to 'UR' and 'URHED'- our native cultural "Folk-Nationalism"- distinguish ourselves from Asatruarar and Odinists by adoption of the single title "URHEDNAR", or "Those Called/Named by Culture"..


The All-Father Woden and All-Mother Frigga are , like us and the First Ones of our Race [Urkoningen] a pairing of God and Goddess as we of the Folk are paired as Man and Woman...They reflect this Logic in their traditional and creative roles.

Woden's elders were the Sky God 'Bor' and the ancient Giantess 'Bestla'. Before that, Bor's elders were the first Sky God and Goddess named 'Buri' and 'Edda'- the progenitors of our All-Father and All-Mother!

Woden and Frigga, above all other Gods, are within us at all times giving the power of Thought, and the ability to do things in accord with nature : Life, Folkways and Survival.

All-Father has spoken before, and even in written works such as 'Hawemaal' [Words of the High One] has lent us his insights into actions and consequences. There are in the workings of 'Conduct' known also as 'Stjorn', fatal ordeals of men within events they have stirred, or those of foes and greater forces surrounding them.

Personal, family, and folkish links to events [geskyden] often 'shake' or make taught the thread by which we are all "woven"..

In this sense, 'Conduct' for reasons of perceived 'right' and 'wrong' are very consequential to our lives, health, and opportunities ...

The Three Tenets of STJORN:

1) SELF being the Individual

2) AAN being the 'Own': Kin, Family & Clan [Aandr]

3) HAAL being the Whole: The Whole of One's Folk- and Beyond..

The Nordic Life is one action and reaction, and forms part of what is called 'Character' or 'Quality'- the 'EDH' or 'EDLI'. A word given, a motion taken, a perception created, or a feeling stirred sets in motion the 'Conduct of Things',inspired by the Fates[Nornen] themselves!

Indeed, while the Nordic variant of consequence and fatalism is not a submissive one as in other cultures, it exists nevertheless.

The Fates have dealt Conduct to us as an application to be experienced and learned from. They have, through Woden and Frigga, given us this as a completion of the Hallows.

The FOLK rests at the middle of the Hallows, and all above, within and around affect our Folk! These tenets nine are the background of our People and their lore.




We prosper, by Walborga, in the Hallows, and likewise You should too!

Wy segjen up ameryske: We say in North American:






Waentr/ Winter

Spreng/ Spring

Haar/ Summer

Faelr/ Fall


Juul/ Yule: December

Snei/ Snow: January

Jorn/ Yearning: February

Hrafn/ Raven: March

Wala/ Prospering: April

Korn/ Seeding: May

Roosling/ Rose: June

Haern/ Eagle: July

Heyja/ Harvest: August

Jaeg/ Hunting: September

Widren/ Withering: October

Wulf/ Wolf: November


Sunnudag/ Sunday/ Sunna's Day

Maansdag/ Monday/ Moon's Day

Tyrsdag/ Tuesday/ Tyr's Day

Wodensdag/ Wednesday/ Woden's Day

Thorsdag/ Thursday/ Thor's Day

Freyrdag/ Friday/ Frey's Day

Loordag/ Saturday/ Land-Day


An Ode to the Eagle:

Atop the World Tree,
At the height of its cosmic canopy,
Perched upon the Boreal Bough
HAERN the Great Eagle reigns!

Along the trunk, and over the ashen bark
Scurries the 'gabbing rodent' Ratatosk;
His gift of gab and lies as storied as the nuts
he hoards!

Below, among the roots the Dragon Niddhogg
Persists in gnawing the foundation Of the Tree,
Ripping at its steadfastness!

Lo!-- When the Gods themselves are Unamused by
The doings of the Ill creatures on and below,
Does HAERN, the Great Eagle Bring down his Mighty Wings
And cleanse the Ash of its ills and woes!

The raging, purifying winds from above Sweep away
The squirrel and the dragon,
And for another moment, all is become well again....


Lair of the Talon, Sheath thee that Steel Which drawn Dawn of Dusk Shall Worthiness wield! Perched high atop The Warrior God's Throne, The Talon unleash-ed Shears to the Bone...! The Wings of the Hunter Shake Branches and Boughs-- The Keenness of Sight In the Bird-of-Prey grows... On Meadow, o'er Mountain, And onrushing Stream, The Hunted is shorn By the Eagle's fierce Scream! That steel-edged Shrike From the Heavens above, Rests naught in its Leather Lacking VICTORY and BLOOD !!


Gathered at the Ring-of-Fire To recall the Kin-folk's Deeds, Speaking ever caringly And sharing in the Mead.. No Rite this one surpasses In the Heart and in the Mind, These Memories deeply cherished Unto Asa-Thorr are 'signed'.. Within the Primal Temple Of the Woods and starry Sky, Fare heavenward the Worthship Of the Nation's solid Cry!-- HAR-KALLA! Raises Power Unto Hlidskjalf And Har's Hall... HAR-KALLA! Bids the Hammer Over Giants' Steads to fall... HAR-KALLA! In the glowing Fire, And in the sweet gold Froth, Thrice strengthened by our Hallows And loyal to our Troth!


Lo! Hear the flight of Rushing Spear, Its path is aimed and true- Yeah, wooden shaft of Fates' intentions, Could it seek out You?... The rush of sharpness Rips the clouds, The arrow-heads take wing- All hounds of Archer's Longbow Hunt the quarry s they sing! The clash of blades Both thrown and swung Are locked in battles To be won- They spark as iron hits The steel, From thrusts thus made The warrriors reel! These servants great Of man's defense Need no worship, Just the Test- ..Of Honor in the Make of men, Yeah! They with us And us with them! Ere's no truer stuff In sight, Than the Sword God's Hoard-- The Weaponmight!

Poems above by Paal-Eirik Filssunu

"The Wise Old Warrior"

by Kenneth Speakman

The wise old warrior lay down his sword. Never Again would he fight this war.

The enemy slain yet never known. Battles fought, though not his own.

A tattered banner, the colors fade. Welcome home, a silent parade.

For King and Country did duty call. For what cause so just did good men fall?

Lines drawn upon maps unrolled? Fame and glory, wealth untold?

To fight and die on foreign ground? A shallow grave, your name renown?

Brave men, each and everyone. Sworn to fight till the cause is won.

Families wait, and feel so alone. Their silent prayer "just bring them home".

Long are the years that have passed away. Since he drew his sword to lead the way.

Why they fought, forgotten with time. The nightmare yet lives in his mind.

Just stories now to children told. Of old gray men once young and bold.

On the horizon the enemy waits. His memory fresh, and still he hates.

The wise old warrior took up his sword. Once more, again, he would go to war.

Not for fame or fortune will he enter the fray. But for hearth and home must he win this day.

Young men onto the field are sent. Knowing not, their lives are spent.

For life's the price of freedom won. The living reap what the dead have sown.

Upon this ground he'll make his stand. His children's home, not just his land.

To fight and die shall be his fate. Though out of love, not of hate.

The trumpets blare, the foe is met. His life he'll give, without regret..

One last time will he lead the way. In this the glory, of his final day.

The wise old warrior lays down to die. And wonders still, will they remember why?

[With Appreciation to All Folk-Warriors]

AErnfolk/ Eagles Reaches


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Realmlings/ Ryksgebuur

An Estimated Census for 98-99

Covering Continental Population

(Excludes Caribbean Population)

North American Europeans: 221.5 million [US/Canada stead]

Skrailling North Americans: 157.8 million [All Countries]

Africans: 35+ million [US/Canada/C. America area]]

Asians: 11+ million [US/Canada]

Jews: 6 million [US/Canada]

Total Estimates (98-99) for Continental Nation States *excluding overseas possessions* and including Europeans, Skraillings (Indian/Eskimo Peoples), Africans, Asians and Jews.

Rough estimate from Demographic Sources/ World Alamanac


The Worth and Value of Our Folk:

The nature of our Folk may be explained as that of living society, interwoven of the 'strands' of the great Ing-like forces we speak of in the Hallows. The most vital plane of our beingness however is the lateral balance of our Folk between its land and faith, and this 'triad' is the centrality on which our Folk is shaped.

How we proceed in the greater scale of the Cosmos, or the very human scale of Conduct which accompanies the Folk in its state of Culture is to be seen in the management of the Folk.

In our own way, beholden to the proposition that we North American Folk kin must steer for ourselves [..lest others 'do' it for us..] it is the expectations of Folkish Belonging or Kinship that this brief writing is offered..

The Folk, and the Folk Wisdom within AEF/ER leads us to lay down certain realities [warhede] as we see them, know them, or find them...

(a): Our Folk, born of North America, the Gothic Race, and the ancient fabric of sacred lore of the Nordic Peoples is a Folk unto itself within the Framework of greater things- many of which are beyond us....

(b): Our Land, "Ame-Ryk", or North America, is huge continental land mass ('earderyk') upon which exist many national states, many political and religious practices, many races, many languages, and a complex weave of differentials in which only our Folkish Sense may serve as a definite 'stave' to keep us together as one People:

Among over 400 Million people across North America, we are but a small component of this Whole reality, but unto ourselves it is our Folk which is most vital to us.

(c): Our Faith, "Folketru", made Whole by the Hallows, and held fast in doctrine, observance, and sacred discipline(s) is the bind to the mythos and the logic inherent in our Hallows and the national ethos it preserves and promotes.

The Faith, the knowledge of our deities and their affairs in Nature and Folk, is ours as a People to see, feel, acquire, hold, and wield...

This is part of understanding the expectations of both 'seeking' the Folk, and ultimately 'belonging' to us as true Kin.

The process of "Inlaetting/ Admission", capped off by the sacred oath upon the holy sword AErnfang, is begun by comprehending the unique value of the North American Folk, its culture, and spirit in areas of the modern age.

Our Folk by itself is a national group, or ethnic group.

It is not simply or even directly a 'political group' or 'party'. Were it that easy, AEF/ER could enter the political arena and play to the currents and tides of an electorate...But the Folk, in and of itself, is the true center of AEF/ER.

The basic structure by which the FOLK- not the AEF/ER Agency- is governed is by our Three Clans (Aandr). In the process of their 'Folksraed' or 'Council' is the sacred and secular steered.

The basic fiber of our character, that of the North American European shaped as a companion of AErnfang and all that is our culture, is the goal we are committed to for our particular endurance.

The realization and vision (Ur-sjon) of the character and quality of our People is central to the Hallows....It is not just a card-carrying right, nor a privilege taken lightly, nor does it bear the temporary mark of a 'weekend' task.

The realization of WHO we are, in keeping with WHO you are is the first step in a general reciprocity.

The place of the 'seeker' begins outside of the Folk, but the place of our 'kin' is within our collective fellowship as a People.

The 'price' of Folk is the worth of Life.

It is not discardable, nor is it a 'commodity'.

We take our existence and our quality to mind and heart, and therefore ask only that AEF/ER, the Folk, and who we are within the Hallows be acknowledged as a People.....

The North Americans/Ameryker accept these points

1. We are of Europe's Fair Race

2. We are of Gothic Heritage

3. We are born of North America

4. We profess our own Folk-Religion related to that of the ancient Scandinavians, also known as 'Asa-Tru' or 'Heathenry'

5. We are but Ourselves

6. We have only Ourselves to rely on, and our Gods to praise

7. Our existence is that of a People, not a 'Party', 'State', 'Government Bureau', or other 'recognized entity'

8. Our lives must be based on that which we may accomplish

9. Our Folk bears its own responsibility for its Future....

These are the realities which we face every day, and throughout our lives as the Hallows make us One. They lend their craft to the balance of our Folk, its preservation of character, and the promotion of our ways unto this and future generations.

There may be little personal 'glory', but the test of the Gods and Folk is felt not in mere 'moments' but across the Gap of Time, and one thing which any People needs to survive- ENDURANCE: JAERA!

Ideals meant to achieve goals may come and go.

Beliefs meant to remain goals remain....



For All Postal Correspondences:


P.O. Box 2882, Dunedin, FL., 34697-2882

(Raven Clan/Hrafnaandr: Paal-Eirik Filssunu)